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Aura quartz by greenzaku Aura quartz by greenzaku
'Aura' quartz crystals are made by electroplating gold, titanium or other precious metals onto the surface of regular clear quartz crystals in a vacuum, creating a wide variety of unusual colours (not all are pictured here). This microscopic coating is only on the surface of the crystal - the inside still remains colourless but visible through the coloured tint.

They are frequently named for a metaphysical association with the resulting colour.

1. Natural clear quartz

A clear, natural, colourless quartz crystal.

2. Natural tangerine quartz crystal

Sometimes metal (particularly iron or chromium) oxides can be deposited on the surface of a quartz crystal, tinting it to appear a different colour. This crystal has a natural coating of iron oxide - chemically, rust - giving it an orange tint that is a bit streaky and uneven in appearance when looked at closely.

3. 'Tangerine Aura' /'Imperial Gold aura'

These are a clear quartz crystal and carved shapes that have been coated with gold and iron oxide. The coating is a lot more even than the streaky look of the natural tangerine quartz crystal in (2.).

4. 'Opal aura'/ 'Angel' aura/ 'Rainbow aura'

These have been coated with platinum and silver, creating an iridescent chrome-like coating. The name 'Rainbow aura' is also used to refer to another form of aura quartz that is dark and seemingly opaque (shown as #7)

5. 'Tanzan aura'/ 'Indigo aura'

Not to be confused with Tanzanite, these are coated with gold and indium, appearing a deep blue.

6. 'Aqua aura'

This is one of the first aura crystals to reach the market - coated with gold.

7. 'Flame aura'/'Titanium aura'/'Flame titanium aura'/'Rainbow aura'/'Dark aura'

Dark, seemingly opaque but strongly iridescent, coated with titanium and niobium

Also not pictured are:

- 'Champagne aura' (Pale brown with iridescence, also coated with gold and indium)

- 'Ruby aura' (Brilliant pink or red, coated with a varying combination of metals including gold)

One advantage, besides creating a preferred colour, of these expensive treatments is that crystals that are coated in this way usually need to be very clear and free of flaws that would cause it to crack during the process, so they tend to be more durable for the average buyer. They almost always cost 10x more than natural, unaltered quartz crystals.


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Undistilled Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
I really wish they'd stop messing with ("enhancing") the natural colors and shapes of minerals.

Especially when the results look so fake. :|

Is the Dark Aura the same as the "Flame Aura"?
greenzaku Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
Yeah probably. I haven't seen that name yet. I'll add it to the list of synonyms...
quidwhat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
The opal aura ones are rather neat-looking.
greenzaku Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010
They are pretty, I admit; personally I like the look of the blue ones better because its hard to find something clear and that shade of blue without getting expensive precious stones XD
KubusRubus Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
I don't know how I feel about these :|... I think the blue shade is okay, some of the more earthy-toned treated quartz I've seen isn't too bad either but I don't think I'd ever use it.
greenzaku Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
Yeah, its mostly for the metaphysical market. At least its not a deception, seeing how expensive these are. I think AUD$15 for a 3cm point is pretty standard ._.
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August 7, 2010
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